Agroforestry Plan

Welcome to our agroforest plan page.

Picture - The access road to our property.

We are at the beginning of what will be an extensive agroforestry project.

A lot of information is online about the general concepts of agroforesty but few sites explain the steps required to actually make a project like this work. We plan to include our successes and our misguided efforts to make it easier for anyone out there who is thinking of getting involved in this kind of project.

Please read the following information.
Agroforestry Plan
These are the step by step details of how we plan to tackle our daunting agroforestry project. Not all of you will necessarily take the same steps but at least this might serve as a guideline for those of you thinking about getting involved in a similar project.
- Completed. On July 15, 2021, we closed the Japanese equivalent of escrow. We are now the owners of this incredible piece of real estate.

- In progress. Our property is accessed via a publicly "maintained" dirt road. The road has become overgrown and is obviously not being maintained. We already cut many termite infested trees and shrubs which were overgrown and scratching our truck each time we used the road. We plan to push the city to once again maintain the road.

- In progress. We already found a suitable site for parking directly off the dirt road. We are now in the process of expanding this area to make it easier to turn our truck around....the dirt road is not a through road.

- In progress. We already mapped out the locations of the campsites. Now we need to find them via hiking trails. We already made a trail to campsite #2, AKA Sunrise Campsite.

- In progress. Campsite #2, AKA Sunrise Campsite, is already in the process of being made ready to use.

- Planned. A hiking trail is planned to access our day use area affectionately called Lover's Point.

- Planned. Make numerous trails to access all campsites, points of interest, and food production zones.

- In progress. Remove all understory trees less than four meters in height or with a trunk diameter of ten centimeters or less with the exception of the following tree types: hinoki and sugi. The goal is to increase morning and afternoon sunlight while keeping tall tree canopies which will provide shade during the hottest hours of the day.

- In progress. Remove all shrubs to allow for the planting of edibles.

- In progress. Remove all trees that are no longer living, termite infested, or showing excessive damage from saprophytic entities.

- Planned. Decide which trees will provide food and be the best fit for the forest environment from the standpoint of biodiversity.

- Planned. Choose the best things to grow based on a number of factors including, but not limited to: topography, sunlight, soil conditions, deer resistance.
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