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English Name - Carrot

Japanese Name - 時なし五寸人参 (tokinashi gosun ninjin)

Picture - Carrot seeds
Picture - Carrots ready for harvest
Picture - Harvested carrots #1
Picture - Harvested carrots #2
Picture - Harvested carrots #3
Picture - Sexy carrot #1
Picture - Sexy carrot #2
Picture - Sexy carrot #3
Picture - Seed package picture of another variety which did not produce.
Picture - Seed package of another variety used this year

One of the truly great success stories of my farms to date.
Space Exploration Theme

I converted a jungle adjacent to the upper farm using hand tools. This included taking out a bunch of fairly sizable trees. The locals said this new farm would not be usable for a few seasons due to the abundance of roots in the soil. Not wanting to take no for an answer, I decided to go ahead and put in some veggies anyway.

Since the local farmers know a lot more, and since they might be right, I decided to make the jungle farm into something fun. I was so impressed with the rocket launches from the Tanegashima space center, that I decided to make the farm into something of a space exploration theme. The space agencies of America and Japan, NASA and JAXA respectively, were to make up the basic design of the farm. Then off to the side was a rocket, which ended up looking very much like a phallic symbol. lol.

Picture - New farm, formerly a jungle, with a space exploration theme.
I decided to put in carrots, hoping that the greens would from the letters. The soil in this farm has not been subject to chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and thanks to years of composting jungle leaves and materials, the soil turned out to be fantastic. The carrot greens grew very tall and soon made the space agency letters unintelligible. The farm ended up producing hundreds of carrots.

This farm became very popular with the locals. Many times people were taking pictures of the farm.
Green Letters

What was supposed to be the letters representing the NASA and JAXA space agencies, turned into a carpet of green, as the carrot leaves quickly took over the square beds.

The neighbors kept saying to thin out the carrots in order to produce more. I kept insisting the greens were forming letters and thinning would destroy the theme. This same discussion went on and on for during the Summer.

As a result of not thinning, a ton of carrots were ready at the same time. What to do? The solution....blanching and storage of hundreds of carrots for the cooler months.

Picture - Tons of carrots ready for harvest.
Good Quality Carrots

Picture - Washed carrots #1
Picture - Washed carrots #2
Picture - Washed carrots #3
Picture - Washed carrots #4

These were a few of the early carrots harvested. The carrots harvested later were much larger and many were split, possibly due to excessive rain. The flavor of these carrots was excellent and even stayed tasty after blanching and months of storage, especially when used in strong tasting dishes like curry rice.

Picture - A few early harvested carrots.
Blanching Carrots

Picture - Blanching carrots #1
Picture - Blanching carrots #2
Picture - Blanching carrots #3
Picture - Blanching carrots #4

This was actually the first time for me to blanch carrots. The whole process was a bit time consuming but it was well worth the effort.

Picture - Carrots cut into similar "coins" and ready for blanching.
Storing Carrots

Picture - Storing carrots #1
Picture - Storing carrots #2
Picture - Storing carrots #3

These carrots were the first edition to the new storage unit, along with tons of fish caught earlier in the month.

Picture - Carrots in dated storage bags.

As an amateur farmer, I am constantly looking for information to make things easier, and to be more productive in my farms.

My best resource though is all of you REAL FARMERS out there. If you are growing carrots, please take some time and post a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, and links to useful sites.

Your input will be greatly appreciated not only by me, but anyone else visiting this page. Thanking you ahead of time for posting.

For now check out the following links, which I found to be very useful.

Picture - Carrot seeds.
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