Cucumber Kyuuri Seed Package PictureCucumber

English Name - Cucumber

Japanese Name - きゅうり (kyuuri)

Picture - Cucumber seeds
Picture - Cucumbers ready for harvest
Picture - Harvested cucumbers

The cucumbers worked out for the most part, although the production was limited thanks to a couple of typhoons and an infestation of some kind of brown beetle looking bugs which ended up devouring most of the leaves on the cucumber vines.
Mine Is Bigger

I grew my cucumbers on trellises made out of bamboo, which was used to form a wind barrier on the north side of the farm. The bamboo was used for both horizontal and vertical support. I then used jute to tie the cucumber vines to the supports until they were able to hang on by themselves.

The nice thing about using jute is the strings are biodegradable. Especially in this humid climate, the jute lasts for about 6 months and then is barely strong enough to hold together. At the end of the Summer season the jute strings simply pull away with the cucumber vines when they are removed. The entire load can then be tossed into the compost pile.

Picture - Cucumbers growing on the bamboo supports.
Cucumber Trio

This trio was among the first to be harvested. The cucumbers turned out pretty good, typhoons and bugs aside.

Picture - A few harvested cucumbers.

As an amateur farmer, I am constantly looking for information to make things easier, and to be more productive in my farms.

My best resource though is all of you REAL FARMERS out there. If you are growing cucumbers, please take some time and post a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, and links to useful sites.

Your input will be greatly appreciated not only by me, but anyone else visiting this page. Thanking you ahead of time for posting.

For now check out the following links, which I found to be very useful.

Picture - Cucumber seeds.
Wikipedia - general information about cucumbers.
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