English Name - Gourd

Japanese Name - xxxxアリッサム (xxxxarissamu)

Picture - Gourd seeds
Picture - Seed package of another variety which did not produce

WHAT A DISASTER. The plan was to make a "green wall" in the farm and produce a few gourds for decoration around the house. This was not to be compliments of a bug infestation. The gourds proved to be quite a disappointment. The vines simply could not handle the typhoons, strong winds, and rain. I was trying to grow them vertically but they were continually being battered and were unable to produce really strong support vines. Then, about halfway through the season, something, moths or butterflies, began laying eggs all over the leaves. The eggs hatched into these green caterpillars that completely ravaged the vines and leaves. These were simply too much work for no return. I am probably not going to grow these again.

As an amateur farmer, I am constantly looking for information to make things easier, and to be more productive in my farms.

My best resource though is all of you REAL FARMERS out there. If you are growing gourds, please take some time and post a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, and links to useful sites.

Your input will be greatly appreciated not only by me, but anyone else visiting this page. Thanking you ahead of time for posting.

For now check out the following links, which I found to be very useful.

Picture - Gourd seeds.
Wikipedia - general information about gourds.
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