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English Name - Okra

Japanese Name - 五角オクラ (gokakuokura)

Picture - Okra seeds
Picture - Okra ready for harvest
Picture - Harvested okra

I produced a lot of okra, in fact, more than we were able to use. I found myself way behind on harvesting and ended up picking many okra which were too large and tough to be eaten.
Strange Veggie

Okra is without a doubt one of the strangest veggies you can add to your farm or garden. These things seem to defy gravity as they grow upwards towards the sky.

Out of all the veggies in the farm, these were among the easiest to grow. There were basically no problems until the very end of the season when some type of moth or butterfly began laying eggs all over the leaves which eventually produced an infestation of small, colorful caterpillars. These little critters ate more leaves than you can possibly imagine. A lot of time was spent hand picking these guys off the leaves.

Picture - A few okra growing early in the season.
Interesting Veggie

A few of the early okra from the first Summer on the island. Interesting texture and taste and a definite addition to the farm next year.

Picture - A few of the early okra harvested.

As an amateur farmer, I am constantly looking for information to make things easier, and to be more productive in my farms.

My best resource though is all of you REAL FARMERS out there. If you are growing okra, please take some time and post a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, and links to useful sites.

Your input will be greatly appreciated not only by me, but anyone else visiting this page. Thanking you ahead of time for posting.

For now check out the following links, which I found to be very useful.

Picture - Okra seeds.
xxxx - xxxx
Wikipedia - general information about okra.
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