Jalapeno Pepper
Pepper Jalapeno Harapeenyo Seed Package PictureJalapeno Pepper

English Name - Jalapeno pepper

Japanese Name - ハラペーニョ (harapeenyo)

Picture - Jalapeno pepper seeds
Picture - Jalapeno peppers ready for harvest
Picture - Harvested jalapeno peppers #1
Picture - Harvested jalapeno peppers #2

Too hot to handle pretty much describes the jalapeno peppers grown this year. A ton were harvested and stored and almost not were used. lol.
Watch Out

A few of the jalapeno peppers ready for harvest. These things were incredibly hot.

Picture - A few jalapeno peppers.
Way Hot

They certainly look pretty harmless....yeah right. These guys turned out to be so hot they were basically unused the entire season. What a waste. Now bags of these peppers are sitting on ice in the storage unit.

These burned during preparation, on the way in, and on the way out.

Mistake: Hey guys be sure not to pee after handling these peppers unless you want to know what "great balls of fire" really means.

Picture - A few of the toxic jalapeno peppers.

As an amateur farmer, I am constantly looking for information to make things easier, and to be more productive in my farms.

My best resource though is all of you REAL FARMERS out there. If you are growing jalapeno peppers, please take some time and post a comment with your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, and links to useful sites.

Your input will be greatly appreciated not only by me, but anyone else visiting this page. Thanking you ahead of time for posting.

For now check out the following links, which I found to be very useful.

Picture - Jalapeno pepper seeds.
xxxx - xxxx
Wikipedia - general information about jalapeno peppers.
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