Bamboo Bed Divider
Bamboo farm bed dividerDividing Farm Beds

Long farm beds can easily be divided in order to separate vegetables using small bamboo sticks. This makes it easy to differentiate amongst the almost identical seedlings of different vegetables once they appear.

For example, growing several types of white radishes (daikon) or maybe lettuce in the same bed can be somewhat problematic when it comes to figuring out where each variety was sown. Using these handy little pieces of bamboo makes it much easier.

The long straight beds in my farm were (now using a square bed design) about 12 meters long, way too much space for one veggie. This particular bed (picture) was used for leafy veggies which could all be grown together. Separating the veggies in this manner made it easier to maintain and harvest.

Picture - Bamboo sticks being used as farm bed dividers.
Note: Be sure to cut the bamboo directly on the outer sides of each node (the solid ring looking area between hollow sections) before inserting the pieces in the soil. This results in a closed piece of bamboo at each end and keeps soil and insects from getting into the hollow section of the piece.
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