Bamboo Hose Connection Holder
Bamboo farm hose connection holderKeep Hose Connection Elevated

This is a nice use for a piece of bamboo of medium thickness. Cut the bamboo to whatever height you like leaving a hole (the hollow section of the bamboo) at one end.

Then cut the other end of the piece very slightly below the node to make a solid end. Then simply stick the closed end of the piece in the soil and the hose connection in the upper, hollow portion of the piece. This is a great way to keep soil from getting all over the hose connection.

Picture - Bamboo pole being used as a farm hose connection holder.
Bamboo farm hose connection holderClose Up

This is a closer view of the bamboo farm hose connection holder. This end is connected to the main hose coming from the house. In the distance you can see the other end of the hose with the spray nozzle, which is also being held up and off the soil with another piece of bamboo.

Note: Be sure there is enough length in the open hollow section to hang the hose connection and some space for enough length of the hose to keep it in place inside the bamboo pole. In addition, be sure to cut the bamboo directly on the outer side of the node (the solid ring looking area between hollow sections) on the end to be inserted in the soil. This results in a closed piece of bamboo and keeps soil and insects from getting into the hollow section of the piece.

Picture - Bamboo farm hose connection holder.
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