Vine Support Trellis
Farm plan upper making bamboo support trellis for vinesBamboo Vine Support Trellis

After a year of farming, I was ready to grow the vines that is. Yup vertical farming is one of my favorite ways to utilize space and keep the veggies off the ground.

Bamboo worked out fantastic for this project. I simply cut the pieces and tied them together with jute.

Note: Be sure to cut the bamboo directly on the outer sides of each node (the solid ring looking area between hollow sections) before inserting the pieces in the soil. This results in a closed piece of bamboo at each end and keeps soil and insects from getting into the hollow section of the piece.

Picture - Support trellis from the side.
Farm plan upper making bamboo support trellis for vinesFull View

The support trellis not only kept the Summer veggies off the ground but when covered with bamboo leaves, it made a nice wind barrier during the cooler months.

Note: The bamboo used for the main supports....the pieces making contact with the soil....tend to rot out or get termite damage after a couple of seasons. To repair the trellis, simply take out the old piece and replace it with a new piece or put a new piece in the soil and tie the upper section to the old piece.

Picture - Full view of the support trellis.
Farm plan upper making bamboo support trellis for vinesClose Up

The trellis worked out great and the amount of veggies produced went way up.

In addition, the trellis turned into a green wall which got a lot of attention from the locals.

Be sure to make your support on the north side of your farm to avoid the vertically growing vines from cutting off the sun from the other beds.

Picture - Support trellis close up.
Farm plan upper making bamboo support trellis for vinesAdditional Support

This is a view of the north side of the trellis.

Notice the angled piece of bamboo in the foreground. Make sure to put a few of these in to give additional strength and support for the trellis.

Put one end of the bamboo in the soil and the upper end tied to the trellis, with the piece at about a 45 degree angle.

Picture - The north side of the support trellis.
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