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Tanegashima is blessed with a subtropical climate and the jungles which often grow in this type of environment. And of course, what would a jungle be without vines.

Varying in thickness from a strong fishing line to a small tree, the vines on this island can be used for a wide variety of projects.

To date I used these vines to support veggies vines such as green peas and even to tie the individual stems to the supports. This worked out fantastic, albeit for only one season, as the vines tended to dry out eventually.

Picture - Vines waiting to be sorted and cut for use.
Thick Vines

This is a really good example of how thick the vines get on this island. This particular piece is pretty useless in the farm but great to climb on if you are so inclined....Tarzan. lol.

Picture - A really thick piece of vine from the jungle.
Vine Up Close

This particular type of vine (variety unknown) is made up of a fibrous material. This is an incredibly strong piece of vine but yet very soft and easy to cut with a standard tree saw.

I posted a few of my ideas below hopefully with many more to follow.

Picture - Vine made up of a very fibrous material.
Vines used to support vine veggies such as green peas
Tying bamboo supports with vines
Tying green pea vines with thin jungle vines
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