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Making Your Bed....and Growing in it

How does the saying go?....Making your bed and lying in it. What about....Making your bed and growing in it.

Successful farming begins with good beds. The type of bed you should use is very subjective and the subject of debate in the farming community. From straight line beds, to squares, to free form designs, the one thing that all agree on is that raised beds are a must. Why? They provide an easy means of weed control, result in softer and more aerated soil (both important for young roots), and allow for good drainage.

Although I began with straight line beds, after a year, I switched to square beds.

Picture - My upper upper farm using a JAXA and NASA space exploration theme.
The only tools you will ever need for a successful farm  
Drainage - dealing with flooding
Drainage - putting in an excess rain runoff drain
Irrigation - an unfinished page with a few thoughts
Preparation - soil preparation
Preparation - welcome to the jungle

Beds - making conventional straight line beds
Beds - easy way to build bed height
Beds - conventional straight line beds
Beds - diamond bed pattern
Beds - offset square bed pattern
Beds - finished offset square bed pattern
Beds - a bit of fun with a JAXA and NASA space exploration theme
Sowing and Growing

Well this certainly turned out to be a bitch, especially during Autumn of the first year. Thanks to a couple of typhoons and tons of rain, the farms were flooded out and almost everything growing was leveled.

The following Spring of 2015 turned out to be much better.

Picture - Various seedlings growing in the house.
Sowing - A tough lesson learned
Sowing - Reusable pots
Sowing - Making your home into a greenhouse
Seedlings - An outside greenhouse using trash bags as covers
Seedlings - A month letter and doing semi okay
Seedlings - Now time to throw those suckers outside
Seedlings - Trying to toughen up those seedlings in the outside greenhouse
Unusual Ideas

Yeah if you ask the locals about my farms they would most likely say they are kirei, which in Japanese means tidy, at least in this context. What they won't say, being the polite people they are, is that the farms are also very strange, or at least unconventional.

I am farming using a square bed design and using any materials I can find to make trellises, veggie supports, and anything else required to minimize the affects of this crazy island climate.

My unusual ideas resulted in many successes along with a fair number of mistakes but all are posted here for your information and/or entertainment.

Picture - Support trellis made from an awful lot of bamboo.
Farming With Bamboo
Using bamboo in the farm
Dividing farm beds with small pieces of bamboo
Using bamboo to aerate your piles (um compost)
Elevate your hose connection with a piece of bamboo
Use bamboo to keep your hose nozzle out of the dirt
Protect your seedlings from an out of control hose
Aerate your piles (compost) with bamboo pieces
Using bamboo to make a support trellis for vine veggies
Using bamboo to make a climbing trellis for vine veggies
A convenient bamboo measuring pole
Your friend the tape measure holder
Using bamboo as a seed spacer
Be nice and support your veggies
Farming With Vines
Vines 4 use in the farm
Vines used to support vine veggies such as green peas
Tying bamboo supports with vines
Tying green pea vines with thin jungle vines

Composting is such a hassle but a must if you are not planning to use fertilizers in your farm.

I am relatively new to composting. Although I really tried to make a successful pile in my small garden in San Diego, CA, it really did not work out very well....not sure why. Maybe because of the dry Mediterranean climate

Now I am farming in a very humid subtropical climate and giving it another try. For those of you in similar climates, ie the humid U.S. south, please post comments with your suggestions. Thanks.

Picture - Adding materials to the new compost pile.
Composting - Basic information and probably stuff you already know.
Composting - A good recipe for a successful compost pile.
Composting - Materials essential for a making good soil.
Composting - A little bit about fish composting.
Composting - Maintaining your compost pile.
Composting - Composting problems and ways to solve them.
Composting - Sorting our coarse materials.
Composting - Finished compost ready for use in the farms.
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