Tanegashima, Japan - June 2015
Relaxing BBQ

- Night BBQ and cool clouds.

The month began with a fishing trip including thunderstorms. Then a night BBQ and then during the middle of the month some beautiful lenticular clouds formed over Yakushima.

Picture - Uhura hanging out and miserable at Maenohama beach.
Cool Dude

- Shai was wearing his soccer clothes today.

Picture - Minamitane Town - Shai was wearing his soccer clothes today.
Mega Thunderstorms

- Today we were actually fishing from the rear of the car during a mega thunderstorm....crazy.

Picture - Shimama Port - We were fishing during a mega thunderstorm 1.
Picture - Shimama Port - We were fishing during a mega thunderstorm 2.
Happy Anniversary

- Today we celebrated our wedding anniversary.

Picture - Home - Us together celebrating our wedding anniversary 1.
Picture - Home - Us together celebrating our wedding anniversary 2.
Picture - Home - Shai picked a lot of cherry tomatoes today.
Beach Cat, Sashimi, and Night BBQ

- We took the entire family, including the dogs and the cat, to the beach today. Why take a cat to the beach? We decided to use a fogger from the old house to get rid of bugs at this house. We set this off under the house and were not sure if the fumes would make it into the rooms. The beach was like being in a huge litter box for her. lol.

Picture - A nice BBQ at night.

Yup I actually caught a yellowtail which we brought home and Akiko turned into a delicious plate of sashimi. This fish is known as hamachi when small and as buri for larger yellowtail. The shiso leaves came from our farm. Then we made a nice night barbecue.

Picture - Maenohama Beach - Uhura was miserable at the beach.
Picture - Maenohama Beach - She was looking for any place to hide.
Picture - Home - A nice plate of yellowtail sashimi.
Picture - Home - A new floodlight and made a nice BBQ at night.
Picture - Home - Shai was enjoying himself as usual.
Side Dish

- Made a fresh carrot, garlic, onion, parsley side dish today.

Picture - Home - Made a fresh carrot, garlic, onion, parsley side dish today.
Lenticular Clouds

- Today lenticular clouds formed over Yakushima in combination with a spectacular sunset.

Picture - A few really beautiful lenticular clouds.

This was the view from Minamitane West Coast Pier #6, in the Nishino district, on the west coast of Tanegashima, a few minutes walk from the house.

These clouds occasionally form over mountains and are frequently mistaken for UFOs.

Picture - Minamitane West Coast Pier #6 - Link to the same picture.
Salsa Side Dish

- Made a delicious salsa recipe today using fresh veggies from the farm. Serves 4. Can be served with cut carrots and cucumbers. Today we decided to prepare homemade tortillas. Then we put freshly caught white fish in the tortillas along with the salsa. We added hot sauce and came up with a very tasty meal.



8 large tomatoes cut into small pieces
3 medium jalapeno peppers cut into small pieces
4 cloves garlic finely chopped
1/2 a large sweet onion cut into small pieces
4 sprigs of parsley finely chopped
4 basil leaves finely chopped
  • Process
  • Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl. Easy stuff.
Picture - Home - A picture of the prepared side dish.
New Unit

- Yup after all these years of marriage me and my wife Akiko decided to separate. Seems like using the same space was simply not working for us anymore. We always seem to be getting in each others way. Since moving to Tanegashima many things began to change. I began farming and fishing while Akiko spent her time working. I really needed a lot more space for all of my projects. I began to get into her space and she began to get irritated. We simply gave up trying to work this out. Pretty obvious it was time for a change. The solution was a new freezer unit. lol.

Picture - Home - We affectionately call our new 205 liter storage container "the unit" now.
Picture - Home - A nice picture of the unit.
Picture - Home - This unit is fantastic and will easily store a lot of fish and veggies for the cooler months.
An Abacus

- We went to purchase some fishing supplies and bait at Endou, the local fishing store. To calculate the total, the wife of the owner pulled out an abacus of all things. This is obviously not America. lol.

Picture - Minamitane Town - A very old style way to calculate a total.
Nodogoshi Tree

- Made a really funny nodogoshi tree in the farm.

Picture - Home - Made a really funny nodogoshi tree in the farm.
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