Agroforest Agriculture

Welcome to our agroforest agriculture page. This is a list of what we plan to grow in our agroforest.

Picture - One of 4 proposed campsites. This campsite is well above the reservoir and has a beautiful 180 degree view of same.

  • About agroforestry - general information about agroforestry and how it relates to our specific project.
  • History of our forest - our forest has a very long and interesting history. Learn how this land transferred from famous Japanese clans of the past and eventually became the property of the Hayman clan.
  • Agroforest flora - the beginning of a list of flora found in the forest.
  • Agroforest fauna - the beginning of a list of fauna found in the forest.
  • Our mission - the main goals we are trying to achieve through our agroforestry project.
  • Agroforest plan - proposed plan for the agroforest including trails, campsite locations, and what we plan to grow.
  • Project progress - an ongoing reverse chronological record of our progress from initial interest in the property up to the present.
  • Agroforest camping - visit one of our 4 planned campsites and Lover's Point.
  • Agroforest challenges - A few of the challenges which need to be met in order for our agroforestry project to succeed.
  • Agroforest products - a collection of very unique products you can purchase from our agroforest. 100% organic from our forest....a land untouched for thousands of years.
  • Agroforest equipment - a review of work and camping equipment which is contributing to the success of our project.
  • Please consider becoming a sponsor - for those of you who believe in our mission, please consider sponsoring this very important project.
Agroforest Agriculture
The beginning of an extensive list of what we plan to grow in our agroforest.
  • Fruit Trees
  • Banana - although technically an herb, we plan to treat these more like trees and grow along hillsides where enough of of the understory and canopy has been cut to allow enough sunlight. he trees will consist of no less than 10 varieties, including three which are native to this island. The fruit will be used to feed our family, with any excess begin sold locally and online. The saplings will also be sold.
  • Pawpaw - these trees and fruit are listed as deer resistant on every online site. These will be grown only to supply our family with fruit and possibly the sale of saplings. The fruit  does not stay long after being picked and is mostly unmarketable, except maybe locally.
  • Fig - same as with the pawpaw trees, these will only be grown for us. Figs also do not keep long after being picked and these is a very limited market for the saplings.
  • Persimmons - actually still on the line about growing these as about 50% of the online sites say deer will eat this fruit.
  • Stone Fruits - fruits such as apricots, olives, loquat, peaches, plums, cherries, mangoes, and pecans are all considered stone fruits. Apparently the deer really love these. With the exception of loquats, we decided to wait on planting these until we actually build a house up there and can secure these trees from deer.
  • Veggies - still working on this list but until we are actually living up there, the selection will be very limited. We plan to continue growing most of our seasonal stuff in the farms close to our home.
  • Herbs - we plan to grow lots of herbs up in the mountains as these tend to be mostly deer resistant. A complete list to follow.