About Me

Welcome to my place in cyberspace. My name is Howie, a guy originally from a quaint little village called Kenmore, in Western New York. The time between my days growing up in the snow, and the present, has been quite an adventure, albeit not without many personal challenges. Over the years I realized a few things, actually three in particular, which are important for getting through from day to day, and making it, in this often crazy and chaotic world. This site is all about my interests, thoughts, and anything else which seems noteworthy.
About Us

We are the Hayman family. We are a very different kind of family. We are not working in the conventional sense, our kids are not in school, we are mostly self-sufficient supplying close to 100% of our fresh food needs, and we spend 24/7 together. It was a tough road to get here but now we are settled and enjoying a very simple existence. Over the years I realized the three things that got us here, Taking Chances....Making Changes....Being Happy. For those of you contemplating life changing decisions, hopefully you can find a few ideas, inspiration, motivation, etc....on these pages to help you along your road.
Join me on these pages with your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, or simply to say hi. Everybody is welcome here.

Please communicate your thoughts, suggestions, constructive criticism, or simply say hi by contacting me at my Facebook account.

Looking forward to meeting you all. Until then.

Howie Hayman