Agroforest Challenges

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Picture - One of 4 proposed campsites. This campsite is well above the reservoir and has a beautiful 180 degree view of same.

Agroforest Challenges

This is a list of what we consider to be the most challenging aspects of our agroforestry project in no particular order.
  • - The main challenge of our agroforestry project forest. Might sound kinda funny but the challenges inherent in trying to grow anything in a space with 40 meter tall trees and their extensive root systems is say the least.
  • - Many of the farms on the road to the mountains are using some type of deer resistant metal or netting. That said, so far there is no evidence of deer on our property. We actually put in a couple beds of sweet potato vines as a test....we'll see.
  • - Although difficult, we plan to use the concepts of terrace farming and intercropping to overcome this "slight" inconvenience.
  • - Purchasing a forest that has been, as far as we know, unused for centuries presents a bit of a challenge when it comes to growing anything except trees with deep root systems. The challenge is mountain soil covered with a very thick layer of humus, which is dark, organic material that forms in soil when plant and animal matter decays. Although loaded with nutrients, the lightweight nature of the humus prohibits delicately rooted crops from really getting a good hold of the ground. The mountain soil needs to be thoroughly mixed with the humus before it can be used.
  • - The mountain has an unbelievable canopy formed mostly by the Japanese cypress, Japanese cedar, and Japanese oak trees. The forest floor receives limited, filtered sunlight at best. The understory trees further reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the soil. The plan is to remove most of the understory trees and shrubs before leveling areas for food production.
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