This is a story about an international couple raising and home educating three young boys on a small island in Japan, half living in buses, engaged in organic, self-sufficient farming in the middle of a mountain forest while dealing with climate, cultural, and personal challenges. These pages are about pretty much anything and everything all guided by our family motto, Taking Chances, Making Changes, Being Happy. Thank you very much for joining us on our ongoing crazy adventure.

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Subtropical Calendar & Growing Guide

I began gardening as a small boy at my house in Buffalo, New York....a very cold climate with a growing season of only a few months. Then I moved to San Diego, California and continue gardening, this time in a very dry and warm climate. I moved again and spent a little time gardening in the mountains of San Diego Country, California. And now, here I am, on a small subtropical island in Japan. I now moved on from gardening, to what could be considered actual farming, based on the amount of land and variety of crops that I am growing now. Farming in this climate has been challenging, and downright frustrating at times, to say the least. I look everywhere online to find information on growing veggies in a subtropical climate and was finally able to piece together this table. Although this is for my own personal use, I decided to put it online in the event others could use this information.