Donald Trump Pictures
Trump Pictures

It was circa 2016 and Trump had just won the presidential election. Our family was returning to America the following year and I was freaked out, to say the least, that this idiot was going to be the new president. I began posting articles (see the Thoughts America section) and began making a ton of Trump related memes to add a little humor to the situation and relieve some stress. Enjoy.
Trump & Obama
Good Yiddish

Hey Barack, those Yiddish language lessons are certainly paying off. The perfect word to describe a perfect schmo.

Then again, maybe schmuck would be much more descriptive.
Wrong Hand Trump

At an important press conference, Obama instructs Trump that most presidents use their right hand to masturbate.

Trump seemed perplexed, resulting in a great deal of confusion in the room, until someone was able to explain to the president which hand was his right hand.
Close Call

The meeting today between Donald Trump and Barack Obama turned into chaos, when a small man posing as a statue, moved towards Trump and attempted to bite his ears off.

The secret service quickly moved in to help the small man.
Proper Etiquette

Barack Obama took a few minutes today to show Donald Trump the proper way to fondle the ass of a woman.

Trump insisted that Obama was wrong. He said his method was to simply "grab them by the pussy." He went on to say that "when you’re a star they let you do it, you can do anything.”
Trump & Food

Trump Grill, located in Trump Tower in New York City, introduced a new menu item last month...tRUMP ROAST. The extremely overpriced chunk of ungulate, garnered poor reviews. In an attempt to boost sagging revenues, Donald Trump shoved his head straight up the ass of a cow and held a special State of the Union Address to promote his new beef.
Trump Sashimi

Donald Trump recently met with Japanese Prime Minister Abe. They enjoyed a nice round of golf together, talked about issues affecting both countries, and then ate a delicious Japanese meal, consisting mostly of sashimi. Upon his return to Japan, Prime Minister Abe talked with the Japanese media, and stated how amazing it was that in America, Donald Trump seemed to be everywhere.

While running for the position of president of the United States of America, Donald Trump was known for his propensity for eating Mexican food, especially tacos, burritos, nachos, and tostatos.

Once he assumed the presidency, his tastes changed, and now he is reported to be obsessed with wallnuts.
INpeach Trump

Donald Trump is a real FRUITcake, to say the least. He continuously has tried to PIT conservatives against liberals. And yet with all of his efforts he still has not come up with any FRUITful results. He really is the ePITome of a loser. Hopefully they can find enough evidence to INpeach this DRUPE.

Today Donald Trump issued
Executive Order I8ALOT.

The executive order will effectively ban the sale of pre-shredded cheese.

He wants to make America grate again.
Fake News

A group of illegal aliens were apprehended today by ICE. President Trump held a press conference during which he stated that the aliens would be sent home immediately. Steve Bannon, the actual POTUS, softly whispered to the president, informing him that humanity lacked the technology to send the aliens home.

For a moment President Trump seemed perplexed, and then with a Cheshire Cat grin, told the press the illegals would be sent to Mexico instead.
In The News

Mount Rushmore was apparently defaced during the night by Trump supporters attempting to celebrate Presidents Day in their own way. When the media chiseled Trump for comment, the stone faced Trump could not come up with a rock solid story, but stated the mountain would look much better with the other four faces removed.
In The News

Today a group of entomologists blew up an IKEA desk in Sweden. The blast killed four praying mantises and two beetles. The worldwide religious community was saddened by the news as these praying mantises were leaders in their respective faiths. The two beetles who were killed, Paul and Ringo, could not be reached for comment.
Trump & Biff
Trump Tannen Cloning

The question which comes to mind is whether the Back to the Future character of Biff Tannen was inspired by Donald Trump.

The other possibility is that Donald Trump really is a clone of Biff think?
More Similarities

Now take a really good look at the Biff Tannen Pleasure Palace and the Trump Tower and you can see why these guys are often compared.

Trump is such an egomaniac, he cannot even think about the possibility of any of his properties sitting without his name on it.
Biffco Enterprises

Today Donald Trump purchased Biffco Enterprises. Reliable sources, who requested anonymity, stated that Trump made the purchase, not for the nuclear energy, but for the toxic waste. His hairdresser confided that Trump has been using toxic waste of this kind to color his hair for years now.
Trump Spins Again

Trump has made the front page of the Hill Valley Telegraph for spinning again, this time going after the media, specifically the New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Trump has earned the title of the "craziest man on earth", and he takes on pretty much anyone who stands in his way.
Gay Trump
Misinformed Again

Donald was the receiver of misinformation once again when his staff told him the parade he would be attending today was connected to his presidential inauguration ceremonies....oops.

He ended up finishing off the day with a whole new perspective on the LGBT community.
Good Intentions

Trump decided the American flag needed a little bit more pizzazz and a lot more color, and the result....see for yourself.

His white, conservative, and very Christian administration were baffled and afraid to confront the president for fear of being fired.
What If

Well if Donald Trump were to become gay, these alt-right guys would probably be all-right guys for him.

Hey anything is possible....alt-right?
LGBT Support

Trump once again showed his support for the LGBT community by participating in their annual parade.

Trump issued a press release following the event stating, it was was more exhilarating than the presidential erections.
LGBT Community Slammed

The Trump administration Wednesday rolled back an Obama-era regulation extending certain protections to transgender students, the latest development in a fierce ongoing public debate. The guidelines required public schools to allow children to use bathrooms and other facilities that correspond to their gender identities. MORE WHITE HOUSE DISCRIMINATION.
Environmental Destruction Agency

Hey folks. Scott Pruitt was confirmed as the new Secretary of the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency.

The environmental screwing has begun.
Bye Bye EPA

This must certainly be the environmental vision of Scott Pruitt. Why else would a man who supports the coal and oil industries, and who sued the EPA 14 times, see the environment any other way?

This picture is his dream. A huge pile of coal, an oil spill killing everything it touches, an atmosphere filled with toxic chemicals, and a river loaded with garbage....what could be better?
Pruitt Vacation Spots

Hey Scotty, wondering where to take the wifey and kids this Summer?....think no more.

Why not make a good ole southern fish fry with your catch from the Ohio river. Maybe go for a dip at Lake Onondaga. Then dry off with a nice hike around some heavy industry. Then top it all off with a nice relaxing day at the beach.
Not Funny

Actually this is no laughing matter. The energy regulations already in place, will be scraped by Donald Trump at some point during his presidency. This will wipe out years of progress made in the fight towards reducing the effects of global warming.

Go outside and enjoy it while you can.
Education Changes
Cuntgradulasions Betsy DeVos

Meet the new face and head of the Department of Indoctrination

In the guise of governmental noninterference in religious matters, the voucher program allows private schools to use public dollars to proselytize and teach church doctrine that is at odds with public policy — for instance, that women must be submissive to men, that homosexuality is evil, that birth control is a sin, and that creationism is scientifically sound.
Theory of Evolution

This could very well be a typical classroom situation once public schools become privatized. A student might very well ask about the Theory of Evolution and be punished for going against creationism, which will undoubtedly be taught in some schools once they are deregulated.
Department of Education

A possible new design for the official seal of the United States Department of Education. Yup the White House has certainly become white, conservative, Christian, and alt-right.
Dump Trump
Dump Trump

Ah if only it were this easy. Simply press a button and dump him and all the little trumps into a stinking pile of cow dung.

We can only dream this idiot will be impeached at some point.
Trump Dump

Hey come on now, everybody knows you need to pick up your own shit.

Really gotta wonder what this dog was eating the day before.
Garbage Trump

Pretty incredible the amount of disgusting trash you can find in the garbage dumps these days.

Illegal dumping should be more highly regulated.
Fake News

Trump was at it again when he went off on the media for not covering every aspect of his existence.

When asked to comment, the news media simply stated they really didn't give a shit.
And A Few Extras

Hey Vladimir, congrats on winning the United States of America presidential election. No doubt your little puppet Donald will fit in with your plans quite nicely.
Gotta Laugh

Pretty disgusting, and very embarrassing, when you realize the president of the United States of America actually referred to, and defended, the size of his genitals on national TV while campaigning for the presidency.

Way to go Donald....what an insecure, and immature, idiot.
True Words

Words so very true of this disgusting man.
Busy Guy

Yup it looks like "The Donald" already has his hands full as the new president of the United States of America. I worry though if he has enough spare time to get in all the tweets he wants.
Changed Logo

In an unprecedented move, Twitter has redesigned and reissued their famous bird logo. The move was announced days after the White House, more specifically Donald Trump, had informed Twitter that "The Donald" would delete his account if the logo was not changed to his specifications. The company complied within 48 hours of the request. Speculation has it that Twitter changed the logo due to the realization that if Trump discontinued tweeting, then worldwide tweet volume would be reduced by about fifty percent resulting in a decrease in user interest, ultimately reducing the Twitter stock price. The company declined to comment officially.
New Fashion

Thanks to Ivanka Trump there is now a new line of shoes available for all the white trash out there who voted in Donald Trump for president.

The new line features torn, already soiled, and mismatched shoes. Be sure to do your holiday shopping now before these hot items are sold out.

Available at all the top designer stores like Walmart, Target, and of course, the Ivanka Shoes section at
Road to the White House

News out of Hollywood today confirmed the movie "Kellyanne Conway, Road to the White House", starring Iggy Pop, would soon be released in theatres.

The producers initially considered Kellyanne playing herself in the film, but she declined, stating that Iggy is much prettier and a better choice for the role.
Visa Process

The United States of America recently updated the process for obtaining an immigrant visa. Several steps were added to make it as difficult as possible to enter and permanently reside in the U.S. *

* The immigration department issued a statement that the new, in fact none of the requirements apply to Melania Trump.
Weather Forecast

With impeachment proceeding now in progress, Trump decided he better find another way to support his family and began working part time as a weather forecaster for FOX news. Strangely enough he keeps forecasting the same thing every day....Golden Showers.