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Lindbergh Elementary School
This is without a doubt the coolest school in the United States. Really good memories from this place for sure. The building is what a school is supposed to look like as opposed to the crap they build for schools in California. Most of the schools look like manufactures story buildings, run-down school grounds, and what's up with all the locked fences and gates? Anyway much more about this school later on.
Kenmore Middle School (formerly Kenmore Junior High School)
Kind of began disliking school at this point. Not really much to say for now except a bit disappointed the school is now a middle school grades 6-8.
Kenmore West High School
Went a few days and decided to take the G.E.D.
San Diego City College - General Education
This is an inner-city school in San Diego. While I was attending this school, I was working like crazy to pay rent, tuition, and books. With this said, not much in the way of fun but this was a fantastic place to take general education courses. Pretty much an easy A anytime.
San Diego State University - Alumni - B.S. Business Finance, minor in Real Estate, Geological Studies
Even though I was still working a lot while attending SDSU, I still managed to enjoy myself. Plenty of beach and house parties in between work. I was a geology major for much of the time until the oil industry was going bust. Then I decided to go for a business degree and switched to finance. Really missed all the Geology field trips though. A bunch of students sleeping on the ground in the middle of the desert waiting to get up the next day to collect rocks or look for faults, um, earthquake faults, not faults with each other. I worked at the weather station in the Geography building for quite some time which was an absolute thrill for me.
Grossmont College - Alumni - A.A. Japanese Studies
Hmmmm, what can I possibly say about this place. I was the first student to graduate with an A.A. Degree in Japanese Studies. A couple of reasons. Although the college offered Japanese classes for many years, the degree was kind of a new thing. In addition, most students dropped out of Japanese after one semester after finding out there is much more to the language than manga and anime. Actually I was one of the few students studying Japanese for cultural reasons and not to understand Japanese cartoons. Come to think of it, I was one of the few students to actually study. This school is filled with lazy American students who are basically unsure of which direction they plan to take. The students were cheating on exams like crazy and the teachers didn't even give a crap. Anyway, happy to be out of that "college" for sure. The main benefit of this place was the presence of tons of Japanese students since this school has the lowest entry requirements "TOEFL score" in San Diego. This meant plenty of Japanese students for language exchange, many of whom became and still are my friends.
American Language Institute - Alumni - Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) certificate
I wanted to go back to Japan and stay for at least a year but was unable to because of the 3 month visa limit. I decided to obtain a teaching certificate in order to teach English and get a working visa. The teacher training program at this school is awesome. The teachers are very dedicated and my mentor, Rob Shaffer, really taught me a lot. We are now good friends.