- Shai is Really Sick Now. Since yesterday Shai began running a fever and is really sick now. We took him to get checked and it turns out he has some kind of virus. He was prescribed three different types of medication. Hopefully he will feel much better soon. It really sucks seeing your kids sick. They cannot tell you what is wrong. They can only be miserable. Pretty sad.
- Hanami - Flower Viewing. Yoshino Mountain cherry blossom viewing at Yoshino Mountain, Nara, Japan. Today we went up in the mountains to a town called Yoshino which is famous for Cherry Blossoms in the Spring. Thousands of trees can be viewed at different elevations allowing visitors to see the flowers at various stages in the blooming cycle. Ready to leave.
Wikipedia - hanami information
Shai is on the train and excited.
Actually was able to get seats.
Small train station.
Cherry trees and bamboo.
Hiking on the way up.
Beautiful trail.
Japanese lantern.
Sake made from cherry blossoms. It was really delicious.
Beautiful tree.
Free sake tasting.
Getting ready to eat, drink, and look at the flowers.
Shai really wanted a beer.
Relaxing picnic.
Relaxing picnic.
Shai eating ice cream.
And more.
And more.
And more.
Wiped out from too much sugar.
Beautiful tree.
Cherry blossoms.
Shai ready to hike back.
Shai with family.
Shai wiped out.
Train ride home.