Story - February 2011
- Super Hey I suppose this is what the little guy thought about the Super Bowl this year. Really was fun watching the game live on TV although we watched in Monday morning in Japan. Shai made it until there was only a few minutes remaining in the game.
- Snowing Like Crazy Today. We woke up today to a beautiful blanket of white snow. Me and Akiko took little Shai outside for a couple hours to play. I made this snowman and got a really strange reaction from the neighbors. Everyone was really surprised the snowman had three sections. In Japanese a snowman typically has only two sections. Went and Googled snowmen to make sure I was not going crazy. Although it hailed at my house in Japan before, this is the first time since living in Kenmore to receive snow on a property I own.
- Another Fun Party. Another successful party with some old friends and some new friends. We planned a small dinner which turned out to be a regular  party with around 15 people total. A few came after this picture was taken. We continue to learn more about Slovenia from our friends and are now hoping to plan a trip there someday.
- House - No Reason Party. This party was already planned and ended up only a week after our previous get together. A pretty small group compared to other parties but lots of fun nonetheless.