- New Years Day. We went to Nara Park to begin the new year. We ate at a nice, and reasonable priced Israeli restaurant called Falafel Garden. We spent time with the deer in the park and then went to a world famous temple. We went out for coffee at my new favorite coffee shop. Then we spent the evening with family and eating special new years food.Train Ride - This was the first train ride for Shai in 2011. We are on our way to Nara park.
Falafel Garden - We ate a really nice lunch at this Israeli restaurant. The food was delicious and reasonably priced.
Shika - We bought sebei (rice crackers) to feed to the Shika (deer) in Nara Park. Shai went crazy running around.
Todaiji - We visited this temple which is a world heritage site and the largest wooden builging in the world.
Tullys - We went out for coffee at my new favorite coffee shop. Pretty much a Starbucks wannabee but considerably cheaper. We ate dinner with the family in the evening.
- Another Trip to Nara Park. We went back to the park to take advantage of a bit warmer temperatures. We ate take out food in the park and then went to another temple with an incredible view. Before returning home we found ourselves again at Tullys coffee shop.Temple With View - We needed to do a bit of hiking to get to this place but well worth it.
Yatai - We walked along the main road into the park. As usual the road was lined with many Yatai (food stands) selling all kinds of delicious but overpriced food.
Tullys - Yup we ended up at Tullys again. Really nice but miss hanging out at Einsteins.
- New Years Party. This was the long awaited new years party with the family our friend from Slovania. His name is Andraz, he is from Slovania, and he works with Akiko. Pretty much ate and drank the entire afternoon and evening. Really fun time.
- Happy New Years Party. This turned out to be the best party for sure. This picture was towards the end of the night. Many people already went home and a few stayed overnight. We were eating, drinking, and singing, until almost morning.
- Small Dinner Party. Yeah we decided on another party the next night but with only a few friends this time. Knocked out a cabernet from Chile and ate Nabe. Chikachan, Taechan, and Andraz joined us this time. Another nice night.
- Awesome Sunset. I took a bit of time off from posting to get a ton of work finished on my sites. Really trying to wrap up a bunch of projects before it gets warmer since I know I am going to want to be outside. Anyway this evening the sunset was incredible. Took a few pictures from the second floor veranda.
- And Again. I suppose it makes sense to keep taking pictures if the sky is going to look like this every evening. We really got slammed with an incredible wind storm today and then were rewarded with another incredible sunset.
- Again and Again. This was another beautiful sunset. Yup third day in a row.