Story - July 2011
- Independence Day Party. This was now our second year for this party making it an annual event. We had a good turnout and of course lit fireworks which are still legal in can purchase them at the local Walmart, AKA Seiyu. Still plenty of Summer within the next few months for more fun in the sun.
- Impromptu BBQ Party. Hey best way to get rid of all the food from a party....make another. Invited family and a few friends to join us for a feast of basically old food from the day before.
- Kyoto - Gion Matsuri. Woke up at 4:00 am and was out of the house at 5:15 am in order to get a good spot on the street to watch the parade of yamaboko (floats) which begin at 9:00 am. Found a nice spot on the shaded side of the street in front of a jazz themed coffee shop. Watched the entire four hour event. We walked around Kyoto for hours then went to Osaka for dinner and shopping.
- Kobe - Suma Beach. Today was a special day. Shai turned 2 years old and it was the first time for all of us to visit Kobe and a beach in Japan. This place was really cool and reminded me of Ocean Beach back in San Diego, California. The sand was pretty course compared to California beaches but it was still nice. Really nice to be able to drink on the beach. Shai was really getting a lot of attention from all the young pretty girls on the beach. He seemed very happy to make a lot of new friends. He spent the entire day playing in the ocean and on the sand.
- BBQ Party With Family. Another BBQ Party, this time with family to celebrate Shai turning 2 years old. We finished barbecuing minutes before a mega thunderstorm. Thanks to the new patio cover we were able to hang outside during the storm before coming in the house. Shai really liked the thunder and lightning. Seems like he is on the road to becoming a little science geek.
- Summer BBQ Party. Another monthly this month. The theme this time was Summer BBQ which got off to a rough beginning. It was pouring rain for hours. Because of the rain, a train accident, and a few friends working, the turnout was a bit less than expected but still managed about 25 people including those who went home before the customary group picture.
- Sakurai - Onbara Fireworks Festival. Today the three of us went to a fireworks festival which is pretty famous in Nara, Japan. We ate a lot of food, drank a lot of beer, and met many cool people.