See You Guys in March 2013

- A small party with family and some of our closest friends in Japan who came over to "say see you again (matane)" before we headed off to America. It was really nice to see you guys. See you again in March 2013 for another house party.
On the Train

- Shai was excited as usual to be on the train. This time we were traveling to Kansai Airport on the way to Korea and then to San Diego, California. We plan to stay for about three months, during which time we are going to visit family and friends and hang out in hopefully warm temperatures and sunny days. It will be really nice to see everyone again. Last time back home was almost exactly three years ago.
Korean Airlines Airplane

- This is a Korean Airlines airplane which is pretty basic in color and overall design when you compare it with planes from other airlines. The uniforms of the flight attendants pretty much match this design and not really much to look at.
Waiting at Starbucks

- We hung out at Starbucks for awhile waiting to take the shuttle to the departing gate. Next to Akiko is her sister Maiko (Maichan) and her mom who wanted to go with us to the airport. Look at These Prices!!!! Yeah even Shai could not believe the outrageous prices and small sizes of drinks at Starbucks in Japan. This place really fits the stereotype of Japan, the land of the rising sun small and expensive.
Airport Shuttle

- Um this was actually nothing special. An average shuttle which took us from the main terminal to the boarding gate. In retrospect not really even sure why I posted this.
Crazy Japanese Toilets

- Watch out for those buttons!!!! If you press the wrong one you might get washed in places you never knew existed. If you really wanna laugh take a look at the picture above and find the following:

The flushing sound goes on for 25 seconds.

What does this mean? It means Japanese people are both shy and conservationists.

When Japanese people use the toilet they often flush several times while they do their duty, especially when going number two. Why? To cover the sounds which often uncontrollably come out when relieving oneself.

In an effort to conserve water and still protect the privacy of the Japanese population, companies began installing toilets which produce a toilet flushing sound. Only in Japan. lol.
Seated in the Plane and Ready to Go

- There we are in the plane and ready to take off for Korea. Shai was really excited since the last time he was on an airplane was three years before when he was only three-and-a-half months old.