American Pumpkins and Scary Faces

- Yup those are real ORANGE American pumpkins, not those little green Japanese kabocha wannabees. A special thanks goes out to my family Jim and Linda Timlin for sending American pumpkin seeds to Japan. Received them albeit with a nasty note from Japanese customs saying not to send seeds again. lol. Anyway put a bunch of seeds in the vacant and adjacent yard and was able to harvest two before the bugs feasted on them.
Papier Mache

- Shai getting ready to make his first papier mache scary faces for the haunted house on the second floor. Certainly was a yukky gooey disgusting mess. Made a total of five creepy characters. Click the Facebook Album link below to see pictures of the haunted house.
Now Presenting High Tree

- An incredible performance. This was one of the highlights of the night. Our very close friends Takagisan (High Tree) brought over all their equipment and played and sang for everyone. Definitely need to mention they were wearing the coolest shirts.
Haunted House

- This was no doubt the coolest event in three years at the house. Put together a bunch of different scary displays using fishing line and those really strong black paper clips. Stuffed some clothes with crumpled up newspapers and then put heads on them made from balloons, styrofoam, and papier mache.
Cool Friends in Japan

- Hey this could very well be the only countryside location in all of Japan where friends are getting together to do this kind of thing. Actually quite a few friends came in costume. Was close to 50 people at this party some of whom already went home when this picture was taken.