Who Dat?

- Who dat? Jim and Linda of course. They made the long half mile walk over the park and we all did a picnic together. Hey dude those carrots were really spicy.
Another Beautiful Day

- This time we made a picnic in the grassy area a little away from the playground.
Fun Party

- A few friends came over for a small pot luck party at the house today. Really been awhile to see some of you. Hopefully can get together again before heading back to Japan in a few weeks.

Picture from left to right
Top row: Linda, Masako, Chris, Marilyn, Mike, Jim, Adam, Thai, Larry
Middle row: girl, guy, Akiko, Miyuki, Ah
Bottom row: Shai, Me, Jason
An Older Woman?

- This eight year old at the park really took a liking to Shai. He was shy at first but eventually began playing with her. They played soccer, football, frisbee, and even flew paper airplanes as shown in the picture.
Together Once Again

- Really happy my wife, son, and daughter all got to see each other a few times during this trip back home. The last time was over three years ago when Shai was only three and a half months old.
Can You Say Global Warming?

- Today it went up to something like 80 degrees. We went to the playground and it was actually a bit too warm for Shai to play. We decided to head back home and go swimming in the heated pool. Then we went in the jacuzzi which was a lot different than a Japanese onsen but nice nonetheless. We laid out in the sun and went back in the house around 3:00 pm as it began to get a bit cooler.
Again and Again

- This definitely turned out to be the favorite place for Shai this vacation back home. Cannot even count the number of times we went to this park in three months. With a new playground, plenty of open grass area, and a lot of animals and birds, this is the perfect place for a 3-year-old.
Feeding the Birds

- We took some old challah of all things to the park today and fed the birds. Shai really likes doing this. He got to see mallard ducks, coots, and seagulls. Mission Trails Regional Park is a wonderful place to take kids.