Happy Birthday

- A couple of birthdays and a preschool picnic.

Picture - Shai sitting on a jungle tree vine.

This month was the first time for me and Akiko to celebrate birthdays on Tanegashima. Actually aside from the preschool picnic, this was a relatively quiet month.

Much of this month was spent getting the farm together for the Spring and Summer growing season.
Happy Birthday Daddy

- Today was birthday and celebrated with my wonderful family.

Picture - Home - Us together and celebrating my birthday 1.
Picture - Home - Us together and celebrating my birthday 2.
Minamitane Elections

- This year elections were held in Japan. Minamitane town in Tanegashima was no exception. For a couple of weeks cars with people running for office and their supporters drove through the streets promoting themselves with microphones and incredibly obnoxious loudspeakers.

Picture - Minamitane Town - Politicians in the distance making a speech.
Picture - Minamitane Town - These folks set up across the street from the grocery store to make speeches.
Picture - Minamitane Town - Notice the loudspeakers located on the top of the car.
More Projects and a Beautiful Flower

- Worked on more projects made from the wood of the old patio. Received a beautiful flower from the neighbors.

Picture - A really beautiful tropical looking flower.

Picture - Home - This is the stained version of the laundry area which was made from the old patio.
Picture - Home - This dog gate was also made from the old patio. Now the doggies can hang out with us in the yard.
Picture - Home - We received this beautiful flower from the neighbors. Thanks Shizousan.
Picture - Home - The name of this flower is Amaryllis or Amaririsu in Japanese.
Pet Barbecue

- Um no, actually we made a nice barbecue with the pets also outside.

Picture - Home - We received a bunch of mirukaisou codium fragile seaweed from a neighbor today 1.
Picture - Home - We received a bunch of mirukaisou codium fragile seaweed from a neighbor today 2.
Picture - Home - Us hanging out together outside with the pets 1.
Picture - Home - Us hanging out together outside with the pets 2.
Picture - Home - Us hanging out together outside with the pets 3.
Picture - Home - Us hanging out together outside with the pets 4.
Picture - Home - Us hanging out together outside with the pets 5.
Picture - Jinanbou Restaurant - We went to our favorite restaurant.
Sunflowers and a Party

- Shai put in a lot of sunflower seeds in the upper upper farm today. Then at night we went to the house of a friend of a friend for a party. This family is actually hosting a couple of kids, a boy and a girl, for one year in their house. The kids are away from their parents, family, and friends. The intent is to give them exposure to the space program at the Tanegashima Space Center and to allow them to see a different side of Japan.

Picture - Home - Shai put in a lot of sunflowers seeds along the wall of the upper upper farm.
Picture - Minamitane - Tonight we went to a party with David to visit some of his friends.
Picture - Minamitane - A small but really fun group tonight. Shai was already asleep on the tatami.
Preschool Picnic and the Beach

- Today was the annual preschool picnic in our town at Uchuugaoka Kouen Space Park. We decided to go even though Shai is not officially enrolled. This was a fun day at the park and useful since we were finally able to put the idea of him going to preschool to bed.

Picture - Us at the really boring preschool event.

Japanese schools are way to cutesy wutesy for our very Americanized son who has spent five years with his very strong minded parents. Put together the really cute uniforms and incredibly sweet little baby songs and there was enough to completely turn off our son to the whole idea of attending the school. Wonderful people and incredibly fun put simply not for him.

Now back to home education. Yeah.

Picture - Preschool Picnic - The kids wearing these cute little uniforms with colored hats designating the grade levels.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - According to some of the folks who came today these are banyan trees, known as gajumaru in Japanese.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - Hey you certainly cannot find trees like these in Buffalo, New York.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - Shai is getting ready to step up into the vine.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - He was still unsure about the stability of this vine and decided one foot was good enough.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - Yup about halfway through the picnic the little guy was filled with doubt and ready to go to the playground.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - Before the playground why not try the vines one more time. This vine formed a swing and was really fun.
Picture - Preschool Picnic - This park has a couple of incredible playgrounds with stuff that would even be difficult for adults. Nice place.
Picture - Maenohama Beach - We went back to our favorite beach once again for an afternoon of playing in the sand with the doggies.
Picture - Maenohama Beach - Shai is ready for action.
Picture - Maenohama Beach - A nice sandbar formed on the beach and gave Shai and the doggies a nice place to play.
Picture - Maenohama Beach - Shai playing with a cool truck on the beach.
Picture - Maenohama Beach - Shai looking good and posing for a picture.
Koinobori and the Rock Beach

- We picked up the upper farm as the location to hang the koinobori for kids day in Japan. Then we went to the rock beach close to the house.

Picture - Home - The koinobori in the upper farm.
Picture - Home - The 100 yen version was also flying in the farm.
Picture - Minamitane West Coast Pier #6 - We decided to visit the rock beach close to the house at low tide to see what we could find.
Happy Birthday Mommy

- Today Akiko celebrated her birthday for the first time on Tanegashima.

Picture - Home - Happy Birthday to Akiko who also turned 29 this year. lol.
Picture - Home - A quite night again at home but Shai enjoyed himself as usual.