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American Insurrection

I decided to take a few moments from working on my Japanese kanji pages. Why?....because I had trouble sleeping last night. Why?....because I could not get this image (see picture) out of my head. This guy broke into the capitol building, and then into Nancy Pelosi’s office, sat in her chair, and put his boots up on her desk. Nancy Pelosi, a U.S. Congresswoman, has been leading the fight to help protest the rights of people like this guy. the doors. I got shoved in. I didn't mean to be there. Hell. I was walking around looking for a bathroom." But yet he forgot about the bathroom and made himself at home in her office.

And yet there it is, one of the most awful desecrations of American democracy I have ever seen, especially with the shoes up on her desk.
And I could not help but wonder why all the law enforcement, federal troops, or whoever, could not keeps these insurrectionists out of the capitol building. Things were sure a lot different when the peaceful “Black Lives Matter” protesters were tear-gassed, and beaten, without even having breached The White House grounds. And why isn’t Trump being immediately thrown out of office. He has a couple more weeks to incite more riots, causing more death and destruction. INVOKE THE 25TH AMENDMENT ALREADY. In Japan if you are an actor, sports figure, politician, or anyone else in the public eye, and do even the slightest crime, your career is over….no questions, no second chances….done.

Politicians (public servants), actors and sports players (idols for young kids), and other public figures, have a social obligation to provide a good example or model to those young minds who look up to them and model their behavior after them. But Americans don’t seem to think this way. NFL players who get caught with drugs, knock the shit our of their wives, and even commit murder, are back out on the field again making millions of dollars white the average citizen would be put away for years. Trump should have been removed from office years ago.

I really feel sorry for the next administration. They have a nearly impossible task at hand. America continues to be divided. Americans continue to own guns. Mass shootings and terrible crimes continue to occur. A wide variety of social problems such as discrimination, drug abuse, unemployment, homelessness, disenfranchisement, to name a few, are running rampant. And what do Americans do….they write letters, they march, they light candles, and they cry. The next day they wake up and wait for the next news story. These white supremacist crazies get heard because they act, um, crazy. No, I am not suggesting this is the way to make change, I am simply suggesting it takes action, by a large group of people, to get anything done.

Educated “normal” Americans have a great many weapons at their disposal. Wanna see changes? Keep your kids out of school, completely boycott any companies supporting white supremacists, don’t attend any more football games, etc. AND OF COURSE, KEEP ON VOTING. The point being nobody gives a shit about marches and prayers or anything anymore. People keep dying, crimes continue to be committed, and nothing gets solved.

Pretty easy to blame Trump for this mess. Is he really the problem?….well yes and no. Trump was merely a catalyst. He created an open forum for the millions of Americans who already harbored feelings of hate and discrimination. Pretty easy to blame only Trump when the real problem lies in a society that values things over people, and individual actions over morality. Being in Japan for all these years really opened my eyes in many ways. Living in a society were individual actions are governed by right and wrong (Japan) and not by rules and regulations and the fear of being caught (America), has made me realize that the problems in America lie within the people. Morality is not taught in the schools, and certainly no longer taught at home.

I WANT to be positive, but I NEED to be realistic….nothing is going to change until Americans themselves change. A shooting where a single person dies….there should be no more guns, a person who commits a crime….a career should be over, a person with no home….take money from the military and help these people out, and a person who hates….well I really have no solution for this....a hug maybe?

Anyway, I could not work today without posting something. I am pissed off, and well, whatever at this point. Good luck America.

Exhausted from all this and decided to post this here instead of making a separate page. I actually have friends in America and in Japan who think the 2020 election involved fraud and the D.C. Capitol Building insurrection was orchestrated by Antifa. Gosh, people will believe anything they read in any biased news sources they choose. Way too fed up with these opinions and the lack of proof to back up their baseless claims. BTW - do the idiots in the picture look like they even remotely possess enough intelligence to mastermind a takeover of anything?....simply a bunch of white idiot Trump supporters with nothing better to do that day.

For those of you who believe these ridiculous conspiracy theories, try reading the truth for a change. . The following are a few suggestions for your enlightenment.
Who Was There?

The mob that stormed the Capitol consisted of some of Trump's longtime and most fervent supporters, coming from across the United States. The mob included Republican Party officials and political donors, far-right militants, and white supremacists. Some individuals came heavily armed. Included in the group were some convicted criminals, including a man who had been released from a Florida prison after serving a sentence for attempted murder. Supporters of the boogaloo movement, the Traditionalist Worker Party, the Three Percenters, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, QAnon, the Groyper Army, and national-anarchism, as well as neo-Confederates, and Holocaust deniers, among others, were present during the riot, with some wearing emblematic gear. Neo-Nazi and Völkisch-inspired neopagan apparel was also worn by some participants during the riots, including a shirt emblazoned with references to the Auschwitz–Birkenau concentration camp and its motto, Arbeit macht frei (German for "work makes you free"). After the storming of the Capitol, two white nationalists known for racist and anti-Semitic rhetoric streamed to their online followers a video posted on social media showing a man harassing an Israeli journalist seeking to conduct a live report outside the building. Some participants wore shirts bearing the abbreviation 6MWE, standing for “6 Million Wasn't Enough", a reference to the number of Jewish people who were killed in the Holocaust. According to the FBI, the majority of individual participants in the riot who appeared on its terrorist watchlist "are suspected white supremacists." Following the event, members of the Nationalist Social Club, a neo-Nazi street gang, detailed their participation in the storming and claimed the acts were the "beginning of the start of White Revolution in the United States".

I gave up posting about the happenings in America a few years ago when we permanently returned to Japan….what was the point of posting anymore? I continued to read the news though, religiously every night, about an America that I no longer knew. Then I read the news today, in disbelief, about the protests in Washington. WTF???? There is going to be a democratic president and now the dems control congress and the senate, but you know what?, nothing is going to change, not as long as almost half the population supports someone like Trump. Anyway, kudos to a few of the late night show hosts who went on national TV and condemned the events of today.

‘Today was a disgrace’: Late-night hosts express anger after ‘horrifying’ scenes of pro-Trump mob at the Capitol.
Stephen Colbert

“Hey, Republicans who supported this president, especially the ones in the joint session of Congress today, have you had enough? After five years of coddling this president’s fascist rhetoric, guess whose followers want to burn down the Reichstag? Because today, the U.S. Capitol was overrun for the first time since 1814, and a woman died. Who could have seen this coming? Everyone?”

“This is the most shocking, most tragic, least-surprising thing I’ve ever seen. … I really do hope you’re enjoying those tax cuts. And those judges, because those judges are working hard. They’re going to be busy throwing these idiots in jail. And by ‘idiots,’ I include the Republicans who let this happen, like you, Senator Josh Hawley, raising your stupid fist to the mob outside the Capitol. … Obviously, he has to keep his fist closed, because if he opened it, you would see all the blood on his hands.”

“But all of this Republican-generated chaos led to an evacuation of the chambers. And legislators were hustled to secure locations to shelter in place. A question for the Republican senators who helped foment this insurrection: Why’d you run away? I mean, these are your peeps! They love you. Why didn’t you hang out with your buddies, Marsha Blackburn? Kelly Loeffler? Ron Johnson? John ‘not that Kennedy’ Kennedy? You can run all you want for the rest of your lives, but you can never escape the responsibility of what you brought upon American democracy today.”
Jimmy Kimmel

“This is not the sort of thing I ever imagined would happen in this country in my lifetime. The president of the United States, because he is too angry, too insecure, and too incompetent to deal with the fact that he lost an election, a fair election, an election that was no different than any other election, an election he lost by 7 million votes and 70 electors, turns an angry mob against members of Congress and his own vice president. Not to mention endangering the Capitol Police, those blue lives he claims matter so much to him.”

“After almost two hours of rioting on the Capitol, the National Guard was called in. Slowly. The police were very laid-back compared to the Black Lives Matter protests. Some were seen taking selfies with the criminals. Others seemed to welcome them through the gates.”

“It was a terrible day in the history of this country. Our president and the scumbags who have kept this ‘stolen election’ charade going — and that’s you, Josh Hawley, that’s you, Ted Cruz — either intentionally or just wildly irresponsibly, lit these fires to start a war just to distract us from the fact that Donald Trump lost the election. Ted Cruz, this guy doesn’t even believe the election was stolen. He knows better than that. He’s so hungry for political power, he’s so desperate to be liked and supported by these nuts who think Joe Biden is a Chinese agent and Satan is trying to force them to wear masks to the mall, so that one day he can be president, he’s willing to roll the dice on a civil war.”

“Same with Josh Hawley, who had a very friendly wave with the invaders today. Same with Kevin McCarthy and Rudy Giuliani, Jim Jordan, Devin Nunes, and especially Donald Trump. These people are not Americans. There’s no ‘we the people,’ there’s ‘me the people.’ And that’s it.”
Jimmy Fallon

“This is what happens when there is no peaceful transition of power and what happens when there is bad leadership. This is not how you lose. If my grandfather were alive today and saw what was happening in the country that he fought for, he’d be disgusted. People walking around with the flag upside down thinking they’re patriotic. Today was not patriotism. Today was terrorism.”

“President Biden also said something after his speech that hit me even harder: He said, ‘Enough is enough is enough.’ And I believe that is what a majority of this country has been saying, has been screaming, for a long time now. Enough is enough. Today was a disgrace. Today was disappointing. But, sadly, today was not a surprise.”
James Corden

“What a crazy, sad day. A day that will go down as a dark one in the long history of America. We’ve all sat today glued to the pictures of Trump’s supporters breaching the Capitol, fighting with police, shouting in the chambers of Congress or flagrantly popping off a selfie as they sit with their feet up in the government’s offices.”

“Then, under the pretense of trying to calm the situation, their hero, the president, released a message this afternoon to tell those supporters, ‘You’re special, we love you.’ I wouldn’t want to even imagine his treatment or response to those people, if they had they been wearing Black Lives Matter hats instead of red MAGA ones.”

“In two weeks, on those same steps where that mob fought and pushed past the police, the people who encouraged and instigated that violence — Donald Trump, his children, Rudy Giuliani — they’re all going to need a tourist pass to get in. Because they’ve lost the presidency, they’ve lost the House, and now they’ve lost the Senate. … Today was their last dance at the worst party any of us have ever been to. So if you can, have hope.”
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