My Thoughts
Thoughts From My Son

Nothing is more pure than the thoughts of kids. It was circa 2016 and Trump had just won the presidential election. Our family was returning to America the following year and I was freaked out, to say the least, that this idiot was going to be the new president. I began posting articles (see the Thoughts America section) and began making a ton of Trump related memes to add a little humor to the situation. My son Shai who was seven years old at the time wanted to get into the action and make memes of his own. These are his thoughts about a few of the numerous issues we discussed on a daily basis. Way to go dude.
My Thoughts About the Environment

Hi. My name is Shai. I am seven years old. These pictures are about pollution in the world. These pictures show my thoughts and feelings about the pollution in the world. I think the pollution should be cut into one third.
Polluted Trees

This picture shows before and after. The trees were nice at the beginning. After the pollution spread, the trees had no leaves. And the ground had no grass.
Global Warming

This picture is about carbon dioxide and other chemicals in the air making the greenhouse effect and global warming.
Toxic Waste

These are barrels of toxic waste. The air becomes dirty when barrels of oil and toxic waste are released into the atmosphere. It is not good for the environment of this planet. It is not good for humans.
Polluted Rivers

When toxic waste gets dumped into the river, the river and the air become really dirty. This should not be happening to the environment. We humans should do something about this problem. We should cut our pollution getting dumped into the rivers and streams.
Polluted Oceans

We should cut our pollution into the ocean. It is polluting our sources of fish to eat and seaweed to eat. And if we want to go swimming, it will be too dirty to do this. And it will be too difficult to have fun and cool off.
My Thoughts About Immigration

Hi, me again. These pictures show my feelings about immigration. In the United States other people like Blacks, Jewish, and Japanese, and Muslims should be allowed to get into the country. I think white people that are not good should be thrown out.
Tomato Throw

This picture shows a black person trying to get into the united states but a white person is blocking the way. The white person said no and the black person said why. The white person wrote void on the black person green card so the black person pulled out a tomato and threw it at the white guy.
Green Card

This picture shows a green card saying void and a black person saying oh no. He is trying to get into the U.S.A.
White Agent

This picture shows a black person trying to get into the United States of America and a white person is blocking the way to get into the U.S.
Yellow Gate

This is a fence with yellow and black colors and the white person is blocking the way to get into the United States for any Japanese or black person.
My Thoughts About Trump

Hi me again and again. I don't like president Trump. He is doing awful things. Too many not good rules about pollution and global warming. He should let people into the country. He is awful and should not be president.
To Do List

President Trump made a list of things to do. He is allowing more pollution. He is making a wall so people cannot cross the border. He is not allowing the immigrants to come home. These things are wrong.
The Wall

President Trump is making a wall to keep people from coming across the border.
No Guns

There should be no guns allowed in the United States.
No Hate

There should be no hate in the World.

Busy Pen

President Trump has a busy pen. He drew a picture of a helicopter which he wants to use to blow up countries. It is wrong.