This is a story about an international couple raising and home educating three young boys on a small island in Japan, half living in buses, engaged in organic, self-sufficient farming in the middle of a mountain forest while dealing with climate, cultural, and personal challenges. These pages are about pretty much anything and everything all guided by our family motto, Taking Chances, Making Changes, Being Happy. Thank you very much for joining us on our ongoing crazy adventure.

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We are the Hayman family....a very different kind of family. We are not working in the conventional sense, our kids are being home educated, we are mostly self-sufficient supplying close to 100% of our fresh food needs, and we spend 24/7 together. These pages are all about our interests, thoughts, and anything else which seems noteworthy. Learn more about us.

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Recent News

We are home now after completing overnight camping trip number 61, which was for an incredible 8 days and 7 nights, our new record. The weather was incredible, albeit pretty cold at night, with temperatures dipping into the forties. The focus of this trip was our comfort. I added a wood frame roof over the buses and installed a 5.8 x 7.8 meter tarp, which is really thick and even typhoon resistant. This worked out really well, except for cutting out a lot of light, requiring us to use lights even to eat breakfast. Our main eating table is outside of the buses though, with the small eating table between the buses only being used at night or when it rains. The cover also enabled us to use our kerosene stove to warm us up. We are hoping to begin construction on our cabin this year.
Mountain Update

With our new roof (see above post) over the buses, and us much more comfortable now, it was time to make things more convenient for Akiko. This meant a functioning kitchen. I used a bunch of old wood from other projects for the wood frame over the buses, and used everything else to build small but useful kitchen shelves and a work area. The BBQ is set up next to the kitchen. A bit more time was also spent on the truck turnaround. We also worked together to weed the farm and prepare for bringing banana trees up to the mountain.
Growing Bananas

We are growing many kinds of bananas in the middle of a mountain forest in a subtropical climate on Tanegashima, a small island located in Japan. This is a list of the kinds of bananas we are growing with links to information sources. Hopefully those of you interested in growing this nutritious fruit will find this page useful.

Agroforest Location
The location of our agroforest on Tanegashima Island, Japan.

Agroforest Progress
Our progress from the beginning to the present in reverse chronological order.

Agroforest Mission
Our progress from the beginning to the present in reverse chronological order.

Agroforest History
We had no idea of the deep history connected to our land.

Agroforest Challenges
A few of the many challenges involved with an agroforestry project.

Agroforest Camping
A tentative look at potential future campsites and hiking trails.

Agroforest Farming
An updated list of the food we are growing up in our agroforest.

Agroforest Definition
An overview of the concept of Agroforestry.
The Birth of Our Youngest Son
A look back in time to the birth of our youngest son who is now 3 years old.
The Birth of Our Middle Son
A look back in time to the birth of our middle son who is now 7 years old.

Thanksgiving on the Island
Thanksgiving, a rocket launch, and some really cute pictures of the kids.

Enjoying Beach Camping
Camping at the beach, going bananas, and crazy Halloween fun.

Full Moon Festival
The Full Moon Music Festival, crazy clouds over our neighbor island, and mountain bike riding.

Catching Some Waves
Family visits, surfing for the first time EVER, and a torn bicep.
My Work

The following pages are to my other online projects.
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My English Learning Website
Learn English pronunciation, conversation, grammar, reductions, and much more....for free.

Our Beautiful Island
Come and visit the small and beautiful island that we call home.

The Destruction of an Island
An ongoing account of the destruction and conversion of our neighbor island to a U.S. military base.

My Japanese Learning Website
Learn to read and write Japanese hiragana, katakana and kanji along with lots of vocabulary.

Lael Hayman
The blog for our middle son who is now 7 years old and totally into bass, electric, and classical guitar.

Ethan Hayman
The blog for our youngest son who is now 3 years old and becoming a lego master builder.

Shai Hayman
The blog for our oldest son who is now 14 years old and is now a photographer and videographer.

Our Official Agroforest Page
Our new agroforest page....a work in progress soon to include detailed information and crowd funding.
Our Group Learning Space
Freedom Explore Enjoy Learning (FEEL) is a place where kids and young adults can get together. If you're learning at home or in school, and are looking for a place to be creative and share ideas with friends who have the same interests, then please join us on Discord. Everybody is welcome. We look forward to meeting you.

THOUGHTS - America
Free Speech
A few thoughts about free speech, the constitution, and the rights of private social media companies.

Yoga Workout
My yoga workout. I was looking for a way to simply feel better without all of the spiritual mumbo jumbo usually associated with practicing yoga.

Psytrance Workout
I find psytrance to be motivating, relaxing, and a great way to keep a good rhythm.

Strength Training
My strength training workout. Thanks to a torn bicep (see picture), a hernia, and rheumatoid arthritis, I decided to return to strength training as a way to alleviate the daily pain and fatigue.

How to be Happy
For me at least, happiness depends on three things. Without them existence can become pretty dull and boring and that's not the way things need to be.

Trump Rewrites Constitution
Trump has drafted an executive order revising the United States Constitution.

Trump Memes
Trump President Again ???????? Yeah it seems kinda funny, but at least for now, it is very possible. Anyway, this is a collection of Trump memes.

THOUGHTS - Archive
Archive Thoughts
These posts were inspired by the 2016 presidential election and the turmoil which Donald Trump created during his four years as president.
NASA Evidence - Everybody should read this (opens to a new tab)

There is unequivocal evidence that Earth is warming at an unprecedented rate. Human activity is the principal cause. The rate of change since the mid-20th century is unprecedented over millennia. Earth's climate has changed throughout history. Just in the last 800,000 years, there have been eight cycles of ice ages and warmer periods, with the end of the last ice age about 11,700 years ago marking the beginning of the modern climate era — and of human civilization.

THOUGHTS - America
Mass Shootings
The appalling number of mass shootings in the United States.

THOUGHTS - America
Ban Guns
The possession of guns should be illegal in the United States.

THOUGHTS - America
National Rifle Association
Groups like the NRA, who promote gun ownership, are taking humanity in the wrong direction.

THOUGHTS - Education
Home Education
Why schools are not working and home education is the best option for your kids.