Mountain Camping

Hey there. Actually got a bit of time today to post an update. This is us up at our mountain campsite about to return home from our 39th overnight camping trip in a little over a year and a half. This trip was for our typical four days and three nights. The campsite is huge now with an over five meter long Toyota High Ace bus, and three Subaru Sambar Diaz Classic buses. Akiko and our two youngest kids sleep in the High Ace, our oldest son sleeps in the new Sambar bus, and I sleep in one of the other Sambar buses. The fourth bus is currently being used to store wood, tools, and other supplies but will eventually become a fourth bedroom. We opted to purchase old buses over trying to build a cabin at this time due to my arthritis and other physical limitations....more about this in future posts.

Picture - Us up at our mountain.
About Us

We are the Hayman family. We are a very different kind of family. Nice to meet you.
Our Agroforest

We purchased a mountain on Tanegashima island. We are making an agroforest.
The History of Our Agroforest

When we decided to purchase this property, we had no idea of the deep history connected to this land.
Forest Farming

An updated list of the food we are growing up in our mountain forest.
The Birth of Our Youngest Son

A look back in time to the birth of our youngest son who is now 2 years old.
The Birth of Our Middle Son

A look back in time to the birth of our middle son who is now 6 years old.